About us

The name “KUSH” is inspired by an ancient civilization which was centered in the North African region of Nubia, located in what is today northern Sudan. One of the earliest civilizations to develop in the Nile River Valley, Kushite states rose to power before a period of Egyptian incursion in to the area, which is regarded to be the cradle of what we today call “modern” sciences. This civilization is said to have been a major influence in its times, more especially in the upper Northern part of Africa which was then called Kemet (the present day Egypt) and central Africa, in both culture and technology.

This influence spanned for centuries and lead to the establishment of the first university in Egypt, which is as we know, the cradle of Architecture hence the pyramids and sphinx. The name KUSH was chosen not only for its sentimental value but also for its significance, culturally, historically and metaphysically. Kush Architectural and Building Services is a registered company which was founded by GM Matlhope, born and bred in Ga-Rankuwa, studied a National Diploma in Architectural technology after completing my matric,joined Pieter Joubert Architects and Associate after 1999, did my internship and continued to work with them until 2005 when I went on to start my own practice called Grand Master’s Architectural Servants, the name later changed to the now Kush Architectural & Building services.